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As stated yesterday, it was my one month vegiversary. I can't describe how much better I'm feeling knowing that i'm not eating another living creature. Of course I am very aware that in some of the products I use I'm using animal byproducts but I'm trying as much as I can to weed those out as well. I don't drink cow milk anymore but have been CRAVING Silk Soymilk-Vanilla flavored. I love the stuff and don't know why I quit drinking that. Even my grandma (who's a big suporter of eating meat) drinks that stuff. Actually she's the one that introduced me to it!

It's been on my mind to do so these past few days so I'm going to try to tell my mom tonight about my eating vegetarian. I'm not going to mention Vegan yet, I'm going to give her time to adjust to the vegetarian thing. But I am paying more attention now to what I'm eating. I don't eat jello or any "gummy" candy because they generally contain gelatin. I do enjoy Swedish Fish though =D I've eliminated mayo from my diet and have cut way back on my cheese in take. I used to think cheese would be my biggest hurdle but now I'm beginning to think chocolate will be. Time to search out a chocolate subsittute me thinks.

And I don't know if it has anything to do with the vegetarian thing or not but...I've had so many more creative ideas lately. Mainly because I seem to be thinking clearer. Which probably means I can hear my thoughts and ideas more. Plus I've been working with Brighid lately so that probably helps a bit hehe.

Wish me luck with the mom thing that she doesn't just start lecturing me on the importance of meat. I have counter arguments of course but I'd rather not argue. I want her to just respect my dietary choices. I'm not forcing them on her or anything, just wanting her to let me choose my own way. I really hope this goes a bit better than I think it will...
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