Meghan (starkmadgemini) wrote in starting_vegan,

hi again

I started leaning towards veganism a few months ago, and finally took the plunge last week.

I'm working at a summer camp, and during the first week (before the campers got here, during our staff orientation) the food was great! Lots of vegan options. And I've been eating 1-2 salads every day-- WAY more than I ever ate in my whole life, plus lots of deliciously prepared tofu, cous cous with veggies, and tons of other food.

But now the options are skimping since the cooks aren't trying to impress us anymore, and are focused on feeding 200 children. I really hope I don't have to start making my lunches just salads, and my dinners just salads and fries or veggies. :/ I would eat more sandwiches, but I'm unsure of the vegan status on the bread. I believe at least the wheat bread is vegan, but it includes mono and diglycerides... but truthfully, I'm trying to be healthy and keep my energy up at camp and will probably not worry about those things right now.

I do feel really good though because I'm turning away all foods that I know for sure have milk and eggs and cheese in it. I even turned down my own birthday cake! (ouch... I did give it away to all my fellow staff workers, though, so they loved me for that. haha).

I started taking a daily vitamin supplement, though I don't know if its enough. I don't get that much B12 from it, but I do get a lot of other important vitamins. I guess when I get back home from camp (2 months from now), I'll be able to eat better and find better vitamins.

So once again, HI! I'm Meghan, 22 years old, and I hope to remain a healthy, lifelong vegan!
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