Meghan (starkmadgemini) wrote in starting_vegan,

vegan living at camp

I just moved to northern Wisconsin for a great summer job at a camp. Luckily, the camp caters to staff/camper dietary restrictions, so I have informed the cooks and even a couple other staff know I am vegan.

I literally just started the vegan thing yesterday. I had been slowly weaning out dairy and eggs from my diet, and I figured I would fully commit here at camp since I don't even have to cook for myself all summer!

Thing is, I guess I don't really know what's vegan and what's not unless I ask the cooks everytime... I guess I don't really mind doing that. Are there any foods you can think of that are NOT vegan that a noob might mistake to be vegan? I'm mostly just going to try and not eat processed stuff... but I am thinking the cooks may use butter a lot in their cooking... and I don't want to starve this summer if they do it for all their food.

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