Jay Kateel (jay_kateel) wrote in starting_vegan,
Jay Kateel

Vegan Cookbooks

Tomorrow is my one-month anniversary of going vegan and I've done really good! I have screwed up a few times when I discovered (cow's) milk in things I didn't expect there to be milk in. (Whey. Damn you, whey. *shakes fist*) But otherwise, it's good! I'm celebrating by eating at the Greens Cafe with my wonderfully supportive friends (one who is vegetarian and one who is part-time veg!)

I wanted to ask for recommended cookbooks. I'm hispanic, so I love, love Mexican food, but I'm also a big fan of Chinese/Japanese food. Sadly, most of the books I've seen cater very little to those ethnic food groups. Can anyone recommend a cookbook they highly recommend for a (hispanic/asian-loving) month-old vegan?
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